RI has been complementing Government efforts by providing free services (medical & psychosocial support) to survivors and conduct capacity building trainings to government officials:

  • 123 health care workers from Peripheral Health Units were trained on Clinical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors in Bo and Bombali districts.
  • Trained 45 Magistrates and lawyers on survivors needs and medical examination
  • Trained 87 FSU personnel on case management and
  • 300 Women in Action Group (WAG) trained on basic concept on GBV and Legal framework for 12 communities from 4 chiefdoms in Bo district.
  • Supported 3,897 Survivors/victims of GBV at the five (5) Rainbo centres
  • Reached 83,909 people in 64 communities in 5 districts with our outreach events raising awareness with key messages on GBV
  • Nationally recorgnised by His Excellency Pre. Maada Bio during his statement on the declaration of the State of Emergency on Sexual Assault and Rape.
  • Facilitate knowledge and skills training for Women with Disabilities organisation on GBV, its related issues and case management.
  • Trained RI staff on systems including safeguarding, finance and procurement
  • Signed MOU with Family Support Unit and Purposeful Production
  • Developed a new Five-Year Strategic Plan
  • Scale-up our interventions in to two new districts Makeni and Bo.
  • Considerable improvement in organizational structure: RI now has policies in place that guide and regulate administrative procedures to promote accountability in project management and implementation. 
  • Provided 69 evidences and medical reports in court to successfully prosecute perpetrators.
  • Built strong internal controls and systems (including HR, Finance and Procurement policies)
  • Cultivated new strategic partners to support the organisation in 2019
  • Increased in reported cases as result of awareness.