Monetary donations from individuals, private and corporate organisations

Rainbo Initiative rely 100% on donor funding and our current partners are listed here.

Rainbo Initiative supplement money received from international donors with corporate donations and fundraising. At the minute Rainbo Initiative can only receive cheque or cash donationsbut are in the process of registering for the Global Giving website, so international supporters can donate to the organization. Information will be posted here once we have an online donation link.

Rainbo Initiative have calculated that it costs $250 or 2,500,000 SL Leones to treat 1 survivor at a Rainbo Centre.

In-kind donations

As well as accepting monetary donations, Rainbo Initiative also appreciate donations of goods including:

  • Dignity kits including sanitary pads, used clothing, slippers, dressing gowns
  • Educational materials for school going survivors including books
  • Furniture for our Centres
  • Stationery supplies, laptops and phones
  • Drugs including paracetamol
  • Transportation support including vehicles and motorbikes

In-kind donations will be distributed between our five Rainbo Centres and the Head Office. In-kind donations vastly help with the running of Rainbo Initiative and improve the lives of the survivors we see.

Get in contact!

Please get in contact hereif you would like to donate to Rainbo Initiative. If you have in-kind donations, please drop them at our Head Office at 32B Smart Farm Road, Freetown.

Donations of any kind are hugely appreciated by Rainbo Initiative and we thank you in advance for your support to this vital service we offer!

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