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  • Opened 2 additional centres in Makeni and Bo

  • Supported 3,137 Survivors/victims of GBV at the Rainbo centres

  • Reached 53,909 people in 24 communities with our outreach events raising awareness with key messages on GBV

  • Nationally recorgnised with an award as the most outstanding Indigenous NGO for 2018 for supporting women and girls in Sierra Leone.

  • Provided 69 evidences and medical reports in court to successfully prosecute perpetrators.

  • Built strong internal controls and systems (including HR, Finance and Procurement policies)

  • Cultivated new strategic partners to support the organisation in 2019

 Future plans: Rainbo Initiative dreams being a household name and wants to expand and open Rainbo Centres in all districts of Sierra Leone. We want to continue to support survivors of GBV and inspire them to speak out and make change in their communities.

 This future plan of Rainbo Initiative depends on good relationships and partnerships and on securing funding from different sources, be that corporate organisations, donors, individuals or international fundraising. If you would like to donate to Rainbo Initiative or to partner with us, then please do get in contact.


For more information about the Rainbo Initiative, please contact the Executive Director:

Daniel Kettor on danielK@rainboinitiativesl.ORG or +232 76 900611.

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