Rainbo Initiative conducts outreach work around the whole of Sierra Leone to try and prevent gender-based violence.

Rainbo Initiative’s Outreach programme started in August 2017 and focuses on engaging communities to prevent gender-based violence.

Outreach work is conducted all over the community in schools, churches, mosques, PHU, health Centres, market squares, community centres, slum areas and community sub groups like women and youth groups. Outreach work targets local leaders and local structures to educate them about gender-based violence and how to prevent it. This includes teaching children songs with key messages in and engaging the media locally to spread the word.

Rainbo Initiative hold Monthly Community Stakeholder Meetings with the leaders of all communities we work in. We make an Action Plan with them and present them with data on about of gender-based violence survivors we saw at Rainbo Centres from their communities. We try and emphasize that communities take ownership and actively prevent gender-based violence in their areas.

Outreach session to school children in Kenema