Rainbo Initiative were initially set up in 2003 by the UK Government’s Department for International Development, through the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Since then Rainbo Initiative have been funded and supported greatly by the IRC but our main funder is Irish Aid.







We extend our huge thanks and appreciation to both IRC and Irish Aid for continuing to fund Rainbo Initiative throughout the past 16 years.

In addition to IRC and Irish Aid, Rainbo Initiative has also recently received funds from Trociare, OSIWA, Save the Childrenand UNFPA.

Without all of these organisations Rainbo Initiative would not exist. We see all our partners as part of our wider Rainbo family and would like to formally extend our gratitude to them!

New Partners

Rainbo Initiative are always actively looking for funding opportunities and would love to receive money from other donors that operate in Sierra Leone including DFID, the EU and The World Bank. Rainbo Initiative are also keen to partner up with others including small NGOs and CSOs that do similar work.

Please use the Contact page on the website to get in touch if you would like to create a partnership with Rainbo Initiative.