Rainbo Centres

Rainbo Initiative currently have 5 Rainbo Centres around Sierra Leone. These are in Freetown, Kono, Kenema, Bo and Makeni. All Rainbo Centers are open Monday-Friday between the hours of 08:30am-5:00pm.

At the Rainbo Centres we provide:

  1. Clinical care and medical treatment for rape and sexual assault
  2. Counselling and psychosocial support
  3. Legal support and access to justice
  4. Referrals to other services e.g. Don Bosco and Aberdeen Women’s Centre

At the Centres, survivors will be seen by a professional counsellor and experienced medical staff, including a midwife. Both parties will assess the survivor and write a report on what they hear and see.

These reports are then summarized in to an Official Medical Certificate that is signed and endorsed by a Rainbo Initiative medical doctor. 

We have an understanding with the Government of Sierra Leone that these Medical Certificates are authentic and can stand up in a court of law.

Additional care

Rainbo Initiative also provide additional care at the Centres, including:

  • Dignity kits (pants, sanitary pads, used clothing, slippers).
  • Transport refund – for a few clients for them to be able to complete the follow up processes.
  • Food – is sometimes provided to survivors, especially minors whendrugs are about to be administer.
  • Follow up session 2 weeks after first visit.

Referral to Rainbo Centres

80% of our cases are referred to Rainbo Centres by the Family Support Unit (FSU) of the Sierra Leone Police Force. Survivors are referred to the Rainbo Centers by the FSU with a Police medical form.

20% are referred to us through the community e.g. schools, churches, mosques.

All Rainbo Centres are open Monday-Friday between the hours of 08:30am – 5:00pm.

Freetown Rainbo CentrePrincess Christian Maternity Hospital,
On Fourah Bay Road, Freetown
+232 076668052
Kono Rainbo CentreKoidu Government Hospital,
+232 076919501
Kenema Rainbo CentreKenema Government Hospital,
+232 076716157
Bo Rainbo CentreBo Government Hospital,
+232 75 916291
Makeni Rainbo CentreSchool of Midwifery,
Masuba, Makeni
+232 75 151930

Future Plans

Rainbo Initiative dream of having Rainbo Centres in all districts of Sierra Leone. If you think you or your organization could help Rainbo in achieving this dream, please contact us.

Following the National Emergency of rape and sexual violence declared by His Excellency the President of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio, on 7th February 2019, Rainbo Initiative will focus on:

  • Working with the Sierra Leone Government to jointly implement and help tackle the problem.
  • Ensuring the Government enforce the laws surround gender-based violence, including the 2012 Sexual Offences Act that says all survivors of rape should receive free treatment at government owned and government assisted hospitals.
  • Working with partners in a multi-sector approach to ending this problem.

To read Rainbo Initiative’s statement following the President’s declaration of a National Emergency of rape and sexual violence, click here.