Rainbo Documents

The Rainbo Initiative collect vital data around gender-based violence. This data is collected by our outreach teams daily, when they visit communities. Data is also collected from our Centres on how many survivors we see, their age and what type of gender-based violence they experience.

This data is compiled in to an extensive database by Rainbo Initiative’s Monitoring and Evaluation Team at the Rainbo office. This data is then studied and yearly trends can be clearly seen in gender-based violence cases. Through the data we can also see differences in districts and regions of Sierra Leone.

The latest monthly statistics are shown below

Monthly  Clinical and Psychosocial  Statistical Report from Rainbo Initiative Five Centres combined

Clinical and Psychosocial December 2018
# of sexual assault cases                   297
# of physical assault cases                       16
# of pregnancy cases                      68
# of HIV/AIDs cases                       1
# of other STIs                    232
# of referrals FSU                   300
# of referrals community                      14
# of perpetrators                   304
# of counselling sessions                   328
# of cases counselled                 328
# of Cases with First time magistrate Court Appearance                     64
# Of cases Committed To High Court                   19
#  of Cases Successfully    Prosecuted                    12
# of Cases Dismissed                   1
Rainbo Initiative are often asked to share their data with third parties to try and increase the awareness around gender-based violence in Sierra Leone. Whilst we want to raise awareness of the issue of gender-based violence in Sierra Leone, Rainbo Initiative have strict policies to adhere and so all requests for data have to be approved by Rainbo Initiative’s Senior Management Team.

If you would like to request Rainbo Initiative data then please use the contact page of our website.