Our work is mainly focus on responding and preventing Sexual and Gender Based violence around the world and we have three strategic goal areas:



All services at the Rainbo Centre respect each person’s wishes and choices. Our trained staffs treat each person as an individual and always keep confidentiality. Rainbo Centres is a place where a person can get help after they have been raped or sexually assaulted in any way. At the Rainbo Centres we provide clinical and psychosocial support to victims/survivors of GBV in Sierra LeoneWe currently have five (5) Rainbo Centres, situated in government hospitals in Freetown, Kenema, Kono, Bo and Makeni.

The Centres are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm. At the Rainbo Centres we provide:

  • Clinical care and medical treatment for rape and sexual assault
  • Counselling to help cope with emotional and psychological effects of rape
  • Information on the legal system if a person wants to take her case to court
  • Provide medical report and certificate for litigation for survivors to access justice
  • Referrals to other service providers (agencies & government) for further support not provided by Rainbo including legal, protection, livelihood and advance medical.
  • Help reporting the incidents to police
  • Provide additional care including dignity kits, refunds of transport fees, food
  • Conduct follow up counselling & further support including court monitoring
  1. Community Outreach and awareness Raising: We conduct series of awareness raising activities on SGBV at community and national levels.

Rainbo staff caution that adult women are far less likely to come to them due to the shame and stigma associated with sexual and domestic violence, yet we know sexual and domestic violence against adult women in Sierra Leone is high. RI works to increase efforts to reach adult women, promote support-seeking behaviour, and continue providing women and girls with safe spaces where they feel able to disclose and the confidence to take the huge step of seeking help, where they can be connected with the Rainbo Centres services.

Our community outreach work focuses on increasing awareness of the laws in communities, helping community to know how to respond to SGBV issues and know how to access SGBV response services. Our outreach work is conducted in communities, in schools, churches, mosques, health Centres, market squares, and ghettos targeting local leaders, women, men, students and youth groups using drama, songs, radio talk shows, stakeholders’ meetings and school tour. At national level, the team engages electronic (radio & TV) and print media to raise awareness on SGBV issues and share life changing testimonies of survivors to inspire change and encourage survivors to report.


Every day we get in contact with GBV survivors, we listen, and we record their stories/experiences. We collect data and add it to our extensive database, where we track yearly and district trends in SGBV cases. We share the data in our monthly stakeholders’ meetings with relevant authorities or organisations/partners working on prevention and response to GBV issues to help them make decision and design new interventions. We have credible and accurate database and we are recorgnised by Government and other GBV actors. We are strong advocates to influence national SGBV policy and practice by evidence-based advocacy.  We advocate for survivors to access holistic services, including access to free medical, justice and protection of witnesses.