The Rainbo initiative strives towards ensuring the confidentiality of the people who use our services. This meaning Information they share with us shall not be disclosed to anyone without their permission and remains between them and the centre worker. This is for the safety and comfort of the GBV survivor, however there are legislative limitations to this where minors, and impending danger are concerned.


Accountability in Rainbo Initiative is our approach to being accountable working and learning from our clients and partners in order to develop and increase our impact.

Quality service

By turning our institution inside out and supporting more survivors, we believe this will lead an even greater impact for women and girls, communities, partners and government we work with. It will also increase the trust that others have in our organization and work, reinforcing the relationship and collaboration that drives our collective successes.


The dignity of the initiative revolves around the dignity of the SGBV survivors. It is understood that victims may feel stripped of control in many aspects of their life, so it is our job to facilitate a stronger sense of self-esteem and self-worth in the individuals that use our services.


Every member of the Rainbo team is held to a standard that involves full participation and passion towards the outcome of the services. It is the workers duty to stay engaged with and committed to the programme, for the victims who rely on its existence and its stability.


In the Rainbo initiative we want every one we work with, especially beneficiaries, to be engaged and informed in all what we do. For our organization to be truly transparent, everyone involved with RI must have access to timely, relevant and clear information about us and our activities.


The rainbo centre holds all values in high regards and will stay true to each of the values. They are integral to the initiative and so must never be lost during the implementation of services.

Our People

We offer our services for anyone who needs help because they have suffered rape or sexual assault in Freetown, Kono, Kenema, Makeni and Bo.